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The Littlest Streetcar


"No, ma chérie! You can't catch me!" So brags the runaway in this trickster tale. The little plastic baby hidden inside a traditional Mardi Gras King Cake escapes the kitchen of an old couple in the French Quarter, runs faster than a praline lady in Jackson Square and a waiter at Café du Monde who all try to catch him. But on his way to the Mississippi River and the Creole Queen riverboat, he meets a clever baker who knows exactly where this baby belongs.



This tasty new retelling of an old folktale sparkles with French phrases, New Orleans colloquialisms, and vibrant, comic-book style artwork depicting the city's characters and treasures. Includes an easy king cake recipe. Bon appétit!


Written by Keila Dawson Illustrated by Vernon Smith



Signed with a personalized illustration inside the cover!

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