Bigfoot Frankenstein #1


While hiking in the woods, the great-great-great whole lotta greats-grandson of Dr. Frankenstein stumbles upon a pile of dead Bigfeet, Bigfoots , Sasquatches. He stitches parts of them together, harnesses the power of lightning, and creates a new best pal! The two hit the road in a hearse and try to find out who's killing all the Bigfeet!


This is Issue #1 of 5, get in on the ground floor with this one! It's only been out for 2 days as of this writing and Many comic shops around the country have told me they're selling out of all their copies! So get this one straight from the artist, signed with an art remarque (inked sketch) inside!

32 Pages. Price includes shipping in the U.S.


Written by Mark Bertolini Illustrated by Vernon Smith


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